Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

U.S. Natural Gas Storage 1 Week Change in Bcf.

U.S. Crude Oil 1 Week Change in 1,000 Barrels.

Refinery Operable Capacity

U.S. Imports of Gasoline

U.S. Exports of Gasoline

U.S. Refinery Blend

U.S. Natural Gas Storage in Bcf.

Natural Gas Prices

A degree day compares the outdoor temperature to a standard temperature of 65°F. A cooling degree day estimates the day’s temperature above 65°F (air conditioners) while a heating degree day calculates below 65°F (heaters).

Rotary Rig Count is a weekly census of the number of drilling rigs actively exploring for or developing oil or natural gas in the United States and Canada.

Cushing, OK is the delivery point of the WTI crude oil futures contract.

Refinery Utilization

The number of days of supply is calculated by dividing the commercial crude oil inventory level at the end of the month by the forecast crude oil refinery runs in the following month.

Monthly production estimates.

Supply of finished product used as a proxy for demand.

Global consumption of petroleum products.


1 cent per kilowatt hour = 10 dollars per megawatt hour